Who am I?


I’ve been writing since I was six, so I’ve had lots of practice.  In between more creative pursuits, I did some scientific writing, newspaper and magazine articles and even marketing collateral for software companies.  All writing counts.  Along the way, I’ve met wonderful, inspiring people, had some amazing experiences and created notebooks full of great ideas.  A constant theme has been my desire to write, even as I jump from fiction to non-fiction and genre to genre.


Though I love writing fiction, recent years have found me drawn to writing self-help books, seeking to help my friends and colleagues solve problems they’ve had—the “Savvy” series.  More Savvy books to come.  In between, I’ve written a lot of short stories and may try to get out a collection, if I can get them all edited.  I’ve just begun trying to write a murder mystery.


A native Californian, I spent early years in Michigan and Illinois.  My LinkedIn profile makes it look like I made IT a lifelong career, but in fact, I was pre-med in college, then ended up with an MS in biochemical genetics, just as the government cut funding to the sciences.  Flexibility is key to making your life work; you never know what will happen.


Traveling the globe for fun and business, I’ve been lucky enough to broaden my world view.  As I diver, I’ve also explored the undersea world.  I’m a home chef (cookbook in the future?), a wine and beer lover and of course, a passionate reader.


Afflicted with career ADD, I am still working, juggling writing and life coaching.  I folded my marketing services corporation, but would still take on a job if offered.  Heston, my latest fur-child, nips at my ankles so I don’t get too rapt at the keyboard.  I live in Walnut Creek, CA with my husband, Mike, and my rabbit.